Granite | Булстоне 12 ЕООД


Magmatic rock with visible crystalline formations and structure. Granite is one of the densest and hardest rocks due to its high content of quartz, in addition it has low water absorption and high resistance to cold. With these properties, granite is ideal for interior and exterior furniture – for making cladding, columns, floors, stairs, etc.

Although granite was known as volcanic rock derived from molten magma, there is indisputable fact that the origin of some granites can be described as local metamorphosis or pre-existing rocks, rearranged and recrystallized without the intervention of liquid or molten volcanic mass.

The specific gravity of granite varies from 2.63 to 2.75. Its crushing power is 1050 to 14000 kg. per square cm. Granite has greater strength than sandstone, limestone and marble and this makes it more difficult to extract. It is an important component in construction, the best material, as it is extremely resistant to erosion.

According to its structure, granite is divided into three groups:
– Fine-grained: Fine-grained granites are those whose crystals range from 1/16 to 1/8 inch in diameter.
– Medium-grained: Medium-grained is granite, whose crystals vary about ¼ inches in diameter.
– Coarse-grained: Coarse-grained granite is granite whose crystals vary from ½ inches and more in diameter. This granite has a lower density.

Currently, 83% of the materials used to make the monuments are granite and about 17% marble.