Marble | Булстоне 12 ЕООД



Marble is a metamorphic formation of limestone as a result of volcanic activity at high pressure and temperature below the Earth’s surface. The coloring varies from pure white to extremely diverse color shades.

MARBLE is divided into four groups:
– Group A: Solid marble with favorable and sustainable qualities for work.
– Group B: This group of marbles are identical to the previous one, but have less favorable qualities for work, may have natural roughness, which must be filled with glue.
– Group C: Marbles with different quality options for processing. Geological cracks, cavities, veins and others are common. The standard method for erasing these imperfections is to fill, glue or cement.
– Group E: This group is similar to the previous one, but the marbles belonging to it have many more natural defects and require much more external intervention to remove them. This group of marbles is saturated with the most color and due to its decorative value is more expensive than others.

The Soundness Classifications merely indicate what method and amount of repair and fabrication is necessary prior or during installation, as based on standard trade practices.