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Types of treatment

Natural stones are available in a variety of different surface treatments and therefore they are widely used.

This treatment is achieved by stopping the polishing process earlier. This gives each stone less shine and a matte finish. It is used when a smaller glossy effect is required, and also for pavements that should not be slippery.

Polished surfaces are highly glossy coatings, achieved gradually with ever finer polishing devices. Polished materials are easy to clean and maintain, give smoothness and shine to the material on kitchen countertops, bathrooms, etc.

Stones with this type of treatment are not as smooth as the polished ones and not as rough as in the heat-peeling treatment, but they have amazing softness to the touch and with their slightly uneven surface they capture light differently for each stone.

Heat-peeled processing
This treatment is achieved by applying a high pressure flame to the stone, separating the crystals on its surface, thus the stone acquires a scaly structure. This is applicable for external paving, where it is required that the stone pavement is not slippery, as well as for cladding / external and internal /

This is one of the roughest treatments. With it, the surfaces are treated by pneumatic hammering with a special steel tool. It is suitable for outdoor, non-slip flooring, as well as for architectural ornamentation.

In this type of processing, the surface of the stone is treated with sand under high pressure, resulting in a matte surface appearance, high resistance to slipping. In most cases it is used on sandstone floors, where it is required not to be slippery, while giving a warm and cozy look.